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About Me

Originally from Sacramento, California, I grew up surrounded by theatre when my mom married a local actor. I was the kid doing my homework backstage, but I was absolutely elated to be there. After studying jazz voice and theatre in high school, I took my interest in theatre all the way to Boston where I received my B.F.A. in Acting at Boston University. My interests span from a lifelong love of musical theatre to classical and contemporary theatre. I'm unique in that I can play the Gravedigger in Hamlet and also the lead in a musical. 


Additionally, I am a big believer in being a kind person who constantly engages in self-growth. My philosophy is being a better person makes me a better actor. 

Famously, I will never give you a dull moment. 

Other interests include fashion, interior design, wellness, and hosting dinner parties. I have a knack for making things beautiful. 

Kate Brugger

JPEG image-A76345E12CBA-1.jpeg
Kate Brugger and stepdad, Kurt Johnson, in her senior thesis at Boston University
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